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This page provides a list of reports, articles, meeting minutes, and other documents from the old Paw Paw Lake Restoration website.

2004 Lake Notes Artificial Fish Structures Article

2016 Spicer Phase II Lake Improvement Plan

2016 Spicer Potentially Toxigenic Cyanobacteria Screen

2016 Water Quality Monitoring Summary

2017 Spicer Water Quality Final Report

2017 State of Michigan Starry Stonewort Information

2018 Purdue Presentation on Aquatic Herbicides

2019 PLM Weeds and Weed Control in Paw Paw Lake FAQ

2019 Revenue and Expense Estimate

2019 Spicer Alga Analysis Report

2019 Spicer Branch and Derby Water Quality Report January

2019 Spicer Lake Status Report

2019 Spicer Lake Water Quality Report

2020 Expense Summary

2020 Harmful Algal Blooms in Michigan Riparian Article

2020 November Meeting Minutes

2020 Public Hearing Project Financial Review

2020 Spicer and GEI Drain Work Contract

2020 Spicer and GEI Lake Work Contract

2020 Spicer Drain Summary

2020 Spicer Lake Improvement Plan

2020 Spicer Lake Status Update

2020 Spicer Lake Water Quality Summary

2020 Spicer Public Hearing Presentation

2020 Work Plan and Estimated Costs

2021 April Meeting Minutes

2021 August Meeting Minutes

2021 Expense Summary

2021 July Meeting Minutes

2021 July Water Quality Update

2021 June Meeting Minutes

2021 March Meeting Minutes

2021 May Meeting Minutes

2021 October Meeting Minutes

2021 Plant Community Summary

2021 PLM EGLE Lake Management Plan

2021 PLM Plan & Recommendations

2021 SePro FastTest Results

2021 Spicer Drain Monitoring Cost Estimate

2021 Spicer Drain Monitoring Summary Report

2021 Spicer Lake Water Quality Monitoring Cost Estimate

2021 Spicer Water Quality Sampling Report

2022 August Meeting Minutes

2022 Expense Summary

2022 July Meeting Minutes

2022 June Meeting Minutes

2022 May Meeting Minutes

2022 October Meeting Minutes

2022 PLM Contract

2022 September Meeting Minutes

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